Cistus (Rock Rose)


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Scent: Cistus Essential Oil comes from a richly scented resin, and has a penetrating, sweet, spicy, ambergris aroma.

Blends With: Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage,Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Juniper, Pine, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

For Topical Application on a small area:

For Whole Body Massage:

Coughs, Bronchitis, Rhinitis: Diffusion, Direct Inhalation.

Wounds and Scars: Topical Application, repeated over time.

Skin Ulcers, Infections: Compresses two to three times a day to the area.

Facial Care: Add to cosmetic products.

Skin Problems: Topical Application.

Post Traumatic Stress: Diffusion, Whole Body Massage, Aromatic Bath.

Cystitis, Menstrual Cramps: Sitz bath with equal parts of Rockrose and Sweet Marjoram.

Safety Precautions:
Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy.

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