Juniper Berry


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Scent: Juniper Berry Essential Oil has a sweet, woody, balsamic aroma similar to the scent of fresh pine needles.

Blends With: Basil, Cypress, Fennel, Rosemary.

Skin Care: Acne, dermatitis, weeping eczema, hair loss, hemorrhoids, wounds, oily complexions; can be used as a skin toner.

Circulatory system: Cellulitis, gout, obesity, rheumatism, toxins, lymphatic congestion, poor circulation, hemorrhoids.

Respiratory system: Coughs, colds.

Immune system: Colds, flus, infections.

Nervous system: Nerves, worry, anxiety, tension, stress-related conditions, energy depletion.

Urinary system: Cystitis, pyelitis, urinary stones (see doctor if there is blood or pus in the urine).

Animal care: Ward off fleas and ticks and use for removal.

Safety Precautions:
Generally nontoxic, non-sensitizing; may be slightly irritating. Avoid during pregnancy.

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