Hi Everyone!

I have to say I am blessed beyond words! Today a customer sent me an email that just about made me cry.  It was amazing to read her words. I strive everyday to bring the best to others and to have my shop be a place of healing and comfort and it’s rewarding for me to have customers provide this type of response!  Thank you!


I stopped into Grounded Owl Botanicals after seeing the store sign while driving on Baseline. Essential oil quality varies widely, and I was hopeful that a store just about oils would have a high standard. I was very pleased!

Not only is the owner Penny Stadick knowledgeable, but she is ethical about her sources and is directly involved in the blending/processing of her products.

I bought a bottle of Shingles Relief Spray because she recommended it for nerve pain like sciatica. Wow! It immediately calms flare ups. I also have nerve damage in my face and dabbing the spray on my face helps ease the burning.

Today I purchased Deep Body Rub after trying a sample on an arthritic finger. I could barely bend it; the finger bends now with minimum pain.

Western medicine has its purpose and uses, of course. But if an alternative  method offers relief and healing, it’s my preference. Grounded Owl Botanicals and Penny’s advice now tops my list as one of those preferences.