Cinnamon (Leaf)


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Scent: The scent of Cinnamon Leaf is sweet, spicy, clove-like and warm.

Blends With: Benzoin, Mandarin,Orange, Ylang Ylang.

For use on the skin (Topical Application)
Nervous Tension, Stress, Psychological Issues: Diffusion, Topical Application on heart and chest area.
Low Self-Esteem: Diffusion or Topical Application, 2-3% in any carrier oil, on whole frontal line. (The frontal line runs from the heart area upwards and downwards. It extends from the front of the neck to the pubic bone, parallel to the spine.)
Poor Circulation and Rheumatism: Topical Application.
Laryngitis: Dilute to 2% in sesame oil and gargle.
Colds: Diffusion, Topical Application.
Frigidity, Leucorrhoea: Sitz Bath
Scanty or Painful Menstruation: Topical Application on lower abdomen.

Safety Precautions:
Cinnamon Leaf is a mild dermal irritant so use in moderation. Also, it has a high eugenol content, so it may inhibit blood clotting and be toxic to the liver. Avoid using it during pregnancy.

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